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Oriental Medicine
Learning App

20,122 prescription informations, 12,132 disease informations,
5,500 medicinal informations are all in one.

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Multilingual Search

Support Korean, Chinese characters and English.

Massive Database

It contains a total of 37,754 oriental medicine information, so you can explore a lot of materials.

My own note

You can save a note that you search frequently.

7 keywords search

You can find more accurate data within 7 keywords.

Why was it made?

Fast and accurate searches

To search medicine materials accurately and quickly, our self-developed engine supports keyword searches and multilingual searches within 7 words.

Integration of herbal materials

You don't need to look for multiple documents or search multiple sites for prescriptions, medicines, or disease information.

Easy note

You can quickly find herbal medicine from students to doctors.

Oriental Medicine
Learning App
Screen shot

A vertical list is used to give you a quick, at-a-glance view of the huge amount of data, and simple information can be quickly learned by pressing the arrow buttons on the list.


Mia Park(박미아)

That's useful information. I'll use it well.

(유용한 정보네요~ 요긴하게 잘 쓰겠습니다.)

Sung Jin Yang(양성진)

It's a good application and it's well-made.

(좋은 어플이고 잘 만들어졌네요.)

Jin Wook Lee(이진욱)

Oh~ I had to go to the homepage to search, but it's easy to search on the app. It's nice. Plus, it has a learning function, which is very helpful for studying! Thank you.

(오~ 검색하려면 홈페이지 들어가야 했었는데 어플로 나오니 간단하게 검색 되고 좋네요~ 거기다 학습기능까지 있으니 공부하는데 많음 도움 되네요 ! 감사합니다. 턱턱!!)

Just passing by (지나가다잠깐)

This is the best oriental medicine app that helps people who have common sense about prevention.

(한방관련앱중에서 일반인중에 방제상식이 있는사람에게 도움돼는 가장 좋은 앱이네요)

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